Modern Music, Abingdon, 3/10/1998

From : Emily xxxxx (
Date : mercredi 14 octobre 1998 12:23
Objet : (UT) Abingdon show

Hello everyone,

I'm Emily S, I'm fairly new to this list. I was at the gig in Abingdon on the 3rd. It was really great. It was a bit of a unusual situation as it was in shop, the re-opening of Modern Music. Nigel told everyone that they were doing it as they wanted to support independent music shops, especially their local one.
I went with Stu, and we arrived early enough to hear the previous band, they weren't really my sort if thing. There were barely no people there at all. But after that loads of people started arriving. I was right at the front, and as they weren't on a stage that meant I was really near them, just 2 steps away from Andy.
Jim was there (apparently because his family wanted to see him playing live) but there was no drum kit, Nigel played keyboards mostly. I can't remember exactly what they played but it included Shed Your Skin, Landslide, and most of the album, except for Almost Here and Be Ready. I thought Shed Your Skin was especially beautiful.
I am a fairly new Unbelievable Truth devotee, so I've only heard them once live before, at Reading this summer. I enjoyed Abingdon much more than Reading as at Reading they looked like they weren't enjoying themselves much, but at Abingdon they were laughing and joking, and Nigel talked to the audience quite a bit, and Andy said a few things to. When things went wrong, they were laughing about it. The atmosphere was really nice. Afterwards they spent ages signing things for everyone and talking to people.
I'll look forward to hearing them again when they came back to Europe in January.
Was anyone else there from the list apart from Stu, Ruth and I?
igozEmily S


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