NME (review of Higher Than Reason)

Rippling piano cadences and dexterous acoustic guitars abound as a young
man struggles to see beyond his frown: "My soul is defended by the
will to stay alive/For some unknown reason I can't keep that will for
long/It all needs rebuilding and my hands are scratched and scarred/So
when is it a problem if I take it all so hard?" Never knowingly
underwrought, it would seem The Unbelievable Truth have leapt straight
from puberty to mid-life crisis before you can say "Crowded House".
As for that invidious but inevitable comparison, Andy Yorke's voice is a
good deal surer-footed than his elder brother's, and hence perhaps his
band share little of Radiohead's coruscating ability to discomfort. A
pleasantly bereft sound, nonetheless.

(thanks to Laurie P.)


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