Benicassim (Spain), 14/8/1998

From : Rita Robles (
Date : 17/8/1998 16:53
Subject: (UT) benicassim98


I finally saw them on friday!! It was the first gig i saw at the festival, and it was usual, only lasted like 5 or 6 songs.ARRGgghhh!! Whats wrong with me, is it written somewhere that i wont ever be able to see more than 30 minutes of ut playing live! Its so frustrating!! Everything semmed to be working nicely but they reported some technical problems or smth and off they went....out of the stage !!(although Andy greeted us in such a nice way...those waving hands made people cheered even more...
I went to the festival with my friend, and he said their music recalled him to REM and that *the drumer* was really good (no comments). Funny how all of my friends are falling under their spell.....
They were so serious when they walked on the stage. Nigel semmed to be on his own world (even more than he usually is) singing along....ive written about it on the web site, maybe any of you have heard about it?
but again i guess none of you can read in spanish.....shame It was quite a good gig, except for the above mentioned *troubles* not meaning anything rude or obscure but i noticed a sort of relief in Andy when he said goodbye...the atmosfere was quite nice though, with a few people even singing the songs (?!!). I cant help it but to feel so absolutely happy when i hear their music. Did somebody say depressing? Ive always got this feeling of sheer joy when they play live. It makes me feel peaceful.......dont care what other people say, their music is fantastic, and its all that matters......
That night Tindersticks were playing at 2 a.m.....a beautiful set (i still cant stand their singer, but they are such a good bunch of musicians...). Where were you ut?
Talk to you later

p.s. seeing theres quite a few french people on the list, shall i recomend one of my favorite bands that played at the festival? Autour de Lucie: theyre french and so good, that im willing to buy their lp and record it for anyone whod like to have it!!!

Im wondering wich other bands or records the rest of the people on the list would recommend, cause i think its always nice to know what other people is listening to at the moment...thats the way i sometimes find out about bands you could never discover on the radio.....



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