Café de la danse, Paris (France) 11/6/1998

forget about me
settle down
same mistakes
tyre tracks
higher than reason
dune sea
whose side are you on
who's to know
finest little space

shed your skin
be ready
almost here

available for trading (audience recording)

From : unbelievable truth fan club (
Date : 17/6/1998
Subject : (UT) le cafe de la danse-paris 11/06/1998

Hello all!!!
It's very hard for me to talk about this night... I can't forget this emotion, it's too close. At first, I would like to apologize for my english, and also for this phenomenon (...) I've got a problem with these little point...

Anyway, it's was on thursday in the middle of exams (I'm sure you know what I mean) but we were here in this little street, waiting for the opening.
The band is "checking" (is it the right word?) inside and we can listen to this fantastic voice...oh oh building - silence everybody-...

Andy seems very shy (as usual), jason is in his own world and nigel runs after the birds (calm...calm...).

Ok it's time to enter now and we are in front of the scene looking for them... I can't find the words to continue...the gig was really one of my best.

The lights, the sound, the voice...don't be jealous drums, bass and guitars were great too... The atmosphere was less intimate than at the RTL show and andy seems less communicative...but I can understand that...

It was so great that I can't wait one month till DOUR fest' to see them again...we are so lucky cause we can see them live everymonth till august...(I don't have any money to go in japan in september...please there are some japanese people here...don't forget to review gigs ok!!!)

i don't know what to write...I'm not a journalist...I can only repeat: "that was great and too short"'s always too short...

Here is the play list:
_ forget about me
_ settle down
_ same mistakes
_ tyre tracks
_ higher than reason

_ dune sea
_ whose side are you on
_ landslide
_ who's to know
_ angel
_ building
_ stone
_ finest little space
_ solved

the encores
_ shed your skin
_ be ready
_ almost here

OK I'm sorry if some of yours get bored with this message and I hope it was comprehensible...

Bye everyone...take care.
Thanks again to the guys...and also to this man very kind who is always here...I think that he must love this band to go to all their gigs!!! hi hi hi


From : Nataly (
Date : 11/7/1998
Subject : (UT) Cafe de la danse , 11 june 98.

Here what i found somewhere in the deep chaos of my PC. Maybe some of you will be interested by reading it.



Hello Dear Uters,

Well, here a late review of the Café de la danse. It won't be long as i feel like i'm getting older everyday and losing my memory... Ok, i'm getting lazier ;0)

I arrived at the venue about 6:30 pm. The gig was at 8 pm. There were already about 30-50 people. Le cafe de la danse is hidden in a little street of a very nice distict of Paris that i didn't know. I was waiting for two friends who arrived few minutes later. While we were waiting for the opennig hour of the venue, we saw few times Nigel who was coming and going from a restaurant to the venue. We saw Jim too who talked and take some pics with 3 girls who stopped him. He seems so nice. But he is not nice in the circle of the band...? ;0) The doors opened at about 7:30 pm and i discovered Le cafe de la danse. It's a very little venue, with a particular style. There were a very little pit, very close to the stage which was very low, and few seats as in a lecture hall. The stage was so low that while we were waiting for the band in the pit (about the 2nd or 3rd row), i was a bit embarassed, scared of hiding the band to the other people at the back. You can imagine the point of view i had to the band. The support band was a french one. Only two men. One with keyboard and drum box (sorry, i can't remember the name for that machine), and the other one, sat on a stool with a tiny guitar and a "normal" one. It was a very funny band. Making entertaining music with very funny lyrics.

Then it was the turn of our lads. Well, i can't tell you about each songs, because i can't remember all that in details. Sandrine gave you the playlist, so i'm going to try to remember some good moments. The bast one for me was when the crowd cheered on the band, and Andy was preparing for the next song, but the crowd didn't stop and cheered on during a long time and Andy who was waiting to sing, smiled and turned to the band smiling. I really like when they smile. It's so rare when they do. I can remember too when Andy missed one of the last note of a song, he shook his head and smiled. OR when they were playing this song with Nigell on the keyboard with the drum machine. The machine was too loud and Nigell made a sign answering to lower the sound of the machine. But the sound stayed at the same level, and Andy noticed it and turn to Nigell smiling. Well, apparently the moments i can remember was when Andy smiled. I really love when they enjoyed the show. The more they do, the more i do too. I like too the fact that Jason is always the last one to leave the stage, like if he doesn't want to leave and running when everyone left and he is alone :0) The songs i can remember enjoying the most was Lanslide (Nigell is so great on the drums for this one). I like Angel so much too. I love the way Nigell sings with Andy. It really gives another dimension to the songs. They made 2 encores. The crowd was so enthousiast.

Like usual Nigell came back few minutes after the end of the gig to sign some stuff and talk nicely with everybody. But not Andy and Jason.

Well, it was a quite short and empty review i'm sorry, but that's all i'm able to tell you. If after all u liked it, i will maybe do the RTL one if you want to read it. Hope UT will come to a place near you as you can enjoy their music live as we do.



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