Grenoble (France) 19/1/1999

Settle Down
Tyre tracks
same mistakes
Who's to know
From this height

shed your skin
almost here

From : sandrine (
Date : 22/1/1999
Suject : (UT) FRENCH TOUR !

GRENOBLE 21/01/99:
This is to close i still can't speak of this day especially in english...I just want to tell the band again how I am sorry about these question ad I'll explain the list why later!

From : sandrine (
Date : 27/1/1999
Suject : (UT) FRENCH TOUR !
GRENOBLE 21/01/99:
so Grenoble, this venue is more like a pub than a real concert hall! I've spent all the afternoon learning my lessons in social psychology until the band came on stage...They're were supposed to do an interview on M6 grenoble (a local TV) and as soon as the journalist knew that I was doing all the tour, he asked me for an interview! Well, I'm very shy in general and I was very confused cause a part of me didn't want to be on Tv and the other part was proud to be asked about ut. finally, I said yes but that is not the most terrible!
First he filmed some "soundcheck" live ("higher than reason") and after he asked questions to the band: "Where are you from?, Are you surprised by your succes?, How did you choose your name? and finally the most terrible for me, he asked them how do they feel to have a fan 'on the road"? He was talking about me and I feel so ashamed. That was horrible cause the band were laughing and all that I wanted at this moment was disapeared in a hole. Then, he asked me few questions about the tour and the band.
But I'm sure you don't care about all that! The gig was really good especially because Nigel was back! I mean, it was really great to know that he feel better! Set list: FAM, Settle Down, Stone, Tyre tracks, same mistakes, FLS, HTR, Angel, Who's to know, Ciao, Landslide, From this height, Building and the encores: Solved, shed your skin and almost here....
And I was lucky (and I still!) because they played "I woke up in the mayflower" during the soundcheck! After the gig, I had a nice talk with jason and nigel and they asked me about "MY" interview! You're so funny guys!
That's it for Grenoble except a little message to andy if he's reading this: Why did you change the lyrics for ciao?


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