Other Unbelievable Truth websites :

official site
Visit Nigel's room and watch some videos, listen to the singles, to the webcast, read Nigel's tour diary and have a look at their favourite websites.
from this height
by Sandrine
The web site of THE fanclub and one of the best (if not the best) Unbelievable Truth websites. Definitely worth a visit especially for the reviews and beautiful pics of the latest french tour and Anelyse's enormous exclusive interview of the band. And I don't say that cause I know you, Sandrine... (in english and in french)
say what you want
by Erin
A wonderful american website with lots of pics and reviews, a very good discography section, an often-updated news section and lots of other stuffs (and such a beautiful design!).
cathy's site
by Cathy
The first unofficial site is a Canadian site (logical, isn't it?). One of the most beautiful sites on earth, the best news section, lots of pics of the Almost Here tour, the list of the fanzines, tabs, etc....

international site
by Irma and Laurence

A site that deserves its name as it's written in spanish, english and french! News (often updated), reviews and an exclusive interview of Nigel.
by Miki
A new site with lots of pics from the japanese tour, articles, Miki's fanzine and lots of other nice stuffs. In english and japanese.
this charming man
by Anelyse,Mélanie and Sandrine
Jim's fanclub!
who's to know
by Ulen
A site with lots of beautiful pictures from gigs and an impressive links section.
live songs
by Owen
What you're all looking for : sounds! (taken from gigs and radio sessions) in MP3 and Real Audio.
finest little space
by Ian
A very good site but it's sadly no more updated.
the unofficial truth
Basically ditto.
Unbelievable Truth
by David
discography, lyrics and a poll to vote for your favourite Unbelievable Truth songs.
Higher Than Reason
unbelievable truth webring
The webring. No need to say more I think. (if you want to use it go to the bottom of the index page)
Unbelievable Truth @UBL








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