Mark Mulcahy @The Point, Oxford (UK) 24/7/1999

From : Laurence Boisnard
Date : 26/7/1999
Suject : (UT) Mark at The Point

Hello there,

How was it, Mark at The Point ?

Someone on the hollywoodandvine Radiohead board (hey, this list is very quiet so we have to find information where we can find them !) said it was a very good concert. "Marc Mulcahy 's music is very good, he looks like a funny guy, and has a very nice voice..." Nigel, Jason and Jim were on stage... but not Andy, "he was recording everything with his HT video camera" (!?). Any other comments from someone ?


From : nunununa
Date : 26/7/1999
Suject : Re: (UT) Mark at The Point

Well the gig was really fun, although everyone was really hot by the end, because the Point is such a stuffy venue. yeah andy was recording the gig, while the other three looked like they were enjoyin the gig a lot, especially Jim.

I took some photos, which maybe up on my site by next week (depending on whether I finish my roll of film or not).


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