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First, sorry for not having updated arrogant humility for such a long time. I just didn't have the time. But lots of things have happened. UT signed to Shifty Disco. There's a new single out on May 22nd. It's called 'Agony' and the bsides are 'Nightlight' and 'Roadside no.2'. Steve Lamacq played it on Thursday. If you've missed you can download it by clicking here (MP3, 2.85 Mo). I can only get Radio 1 in Real Audio, so the sound is not much good (but the song is great). If you have a better recording, please contact me. And if for some reason, you can't download the file, I can send it to you through some messenger program (ICQ : 27121708, AOL: KarineAP, Yahoo: karine_poivey ). And you can also listen to Radio 1 and XFM, they're probably going to play it again soon. And if they don't , request it !!
The album 'sorrythankyou' will follow on July 3rd.
UT haven't signed to any distributor outside the UK yet, so if you don't live there, you will have to order the records through the Shifty Disco website. And it would be nice to ask all offline and online record shops to sell it.... :-)
UT played at the Bull and gate, in London on April 17th and will play at the Zodiac, in Oxford on the 30th. Then they will be on tour in the UK in May :
13th Exeter Cavern Club 01392 425309 £5.00 advance
14th Brighton Pressure Point 01273 325440 £6.00 advance
15th Bristol Fleece & Firkin 0117 929 9008 £6.00 advance
16th London Dingwalls 0207 267 1577 £7.50 advance
21st Manchester Hop & Grape 0161 8321111 £7.00 advance
22nd Edinburgh The Venue 0131 2203234 £6.00 advance
23rd Leeds Rocket 0113 2455570 £6.00 advance
And one more great news : the new official UT website is up at http://www.unbelievable-truth.com , it's a great site with lots and lots of stuff to read.

If you'd like to chat with other UT fans, please join #ut on dalnet (IRC) on mondays at 8pm and on thursdays at noon (british time), or at any other time (but your chances of meeting someone there would be lower). You can connect using mIRC (PC) or ircle (Mac) or another IRC program, or use the java applet on the dalnet website (click on chat).

Now, some information about this site (arrogant humility, I mean). I'm probably not going to update it until June. (Please visit the official site and say what you want for all your news needs). Then, hopefully, I should revamp, everything, add new sections, etc... and also stop doing the french version of the site. It's a shame but I have to do it if i want the rest of the site to keep growing. But there's still going to be some french content, like articles, translations of the lyrics and links.
As you may have noticed, Arrogant Humility became too big for just one person. So I really need help.
Any kind of help : from other websites willing to merge or people wanting to co-webmaster it to people helping me to maintain one or several sections.
You can also just send some stuff whenever you feel like it. Here's what I'm interested in : tabs, lyrics (and translations into various languages), reviews, setlists, photos (magazines, gigs, t-shirts, etc...), artwork, wallpapers, screensavers, skins, sound files, videos, scans (of records, flyers, tickets, magazines, etc...), discography (all rare releases), links and anything else you can think of.
And last but not least I'm looking for an FTP server (it would be much better for the sounds section), and maybe even a web server with unlimited space, mySQL, PHP3, CGI, and SSI support, no banner and no pop-up windows.
Am I asking too much ? well, maybe...

Please contact me at karine_poivey@yahoo.fr or 27121708 (ICQ), KarineAP (AIM), karine_poivey (Yahoo messenger)



Laura, from the Oxford-based band Soma, has sung on 'Hypnotist' and 'Shed your skin' on the new album of UT.
And Nigel played drums on their debut album. I'll add more information about them soon, but if you want to know more about them (and also hear their music), you can visit their website on mp3.com.

I just realised that i haven't told you that This Charming Man (Jim's Fanclub) had been updated. So go and have a look, the new design is brilliant.

Website update : the sounds section should work a bit better now (I've changed all the broken links).


I've finally uploaded the pics of the Borderline you can find them in the pics and gigs sections.


There's now a few reviews of the gig at the Borderline (in the gigs section...) which was amazing according to all those lucky people who've been there.
I've also changed the link to the pictures of the gig at the Bullingdon Arms, so you can have a look at them (they're great, really).

A few changes in the ABC too.

And the 2nd issue of Trapped in the Building (the fanzine of the fanclub) is out now and it's really great (way better than the 1st one which was very good too). It features interviews with Jason, Mark Mulcahy and Interseed. A review of Mark's gig in Oxford, messages from the band, and more!
email from_this_height@yahoo.fr for further information.

31/1/2000 - again (wow ! 2 updates on the same day)

I've added pics from the Bully gig in the pics and gigs section. (thanks to Peter Cole!)


Good news again : the gig in London, at the Borderline on March 2nd is finally CONFIRMED. If you're going there, please, write a review, take pictures, and RECORD the concert, and write to me at karine_poivey@yahoo.fr
No other gig before they have a new record deal.


Good news today : UT may finally play the gig at the Borderline in London if they sell enough tickets. They might even play a few more more gigs...
And they started rehearsing again a few days ago. Nigel said "we are sounding much better than we have ever done."
After all, it might be a good news.... If UT find another label, then they will probably have more freedom than on Virgin....


Very very bad news today : UT have been dropped by Virgin as a consequence of the Time warner/EMI merger (Virgin belongs to EMI). but UT can do whatever they want with the album 'Whose side are you on ?', so hopefully it will be released on another label some day.
The gig at the Borderline, in London is cancelled.

btw sorry for the lack of updates, I have a lot of exams these days, but I really had to tell you this.


added : a page about the gig in Marseille with a long and worth-reading review by Priscille (thank you so much)


The new issue of Nightshift is now online at http://www.oxlink.co.uk/nightshift/nov99/
It features a review of the gig at the Bullingdon Arms and a picture of Andy at that gig (remember it was supposed to be Nigel's solo gig...). It's at http://www.oxlink.co.uk/nightshift/nov99/news.html
And there's also a page called Pop Go The 90s about the 20 best songs by Oxford bands in the 90's. And Building is there, described as "a monumental folk hymn, which rose from imperceptable beginning to majestic, sky-touching climax. Achingly sad and insular it still managed to sound like the biggest song on earth."

I've created an ICQ active list for Unbelievable Truth, its number is 54161750, feel free to join (you will need ICQ 99b or higher). And there's also a Yahoo Club at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/unbelievabletruth/

website update : songs (new songs played at the Bullingdon Arms), gigs (Bullingdon Arms)
next updates : sounds, trade, and computer stuff (I'm looking for any kind of UT related computer material : skins, wallpapers, screen savers, fonts, etc...)


Nigel's solo gig ended up being more a UT gig than a real solo gig. Setlist (thanks to Ulen) :
Nigel on his own :
"a song about an Angel"
an early genesis cover
Nigel + Jim :
a song of Nigel's
Nigel + Jim +Jason :
Hurry Please Hurry [Mark Mulcahy]
Nigel + Jim +Jason + Andy (well, that means Unbelievable Truth, I think) :
Higher than reason
Who's To Know
Ciao My Shining Star
Dune Sea
Shed Your Skin
Can't wait (from the 2nd LP)
Agony (from the 2nd LP)
+ roughly 6 other songs from the 2nd LP

another good news : there will probably be a single in january and also a tour at that time.


Believe it or not, Nigel is playing a solo gig in Oxford on Sunday 3rd !!!
btw today is his birthday. So... happy birthday Nigel!

The URL of Jim's fanclub, this charming man has changed. It's now http://membres.tripod.fr/thischarmingman


Press updated : 2 reviews added. ABC updated.


added : the two tracks of the Shifty Disco single, Building, in the sounds section . ABC updated.


Some changes in the songs section.


Mark Mulcahy will play a gig in Oxford on July 24th and... Unbelievable Truth will join him on stage.


Mark Mulcahy's album, Fathering, has eventually been released in Europe (it had been released in the USA in 1997). As far as I know it's very easy to find in France and in the UK (but you may have to order it from your local record shop).


Pictures section.


I've just finished the songs section. But I'd like to add more comments on it. So now, I need your help...


I'm back with a new version of this site. I hope you like it.
The recording of the second album is almost finished. But still it won't be released before March 2000 because of all the millenium collections that are going to be released at the end of the year and at the beginning of next year. One more reason to hate the millenium.... There might be a single and some gigs (USA, Australia) in autumn but nothing precise has been scheduled yet.


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