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 In English :

France Inter - C'est Lenoir 21/01/1998
interview by Bernard lenoir and Lydie Barbarian.
a nice introduction to the band
Lift Zine interview by Miki an interview for a japanese fanzine
Saturday Telegraph Magazine 28/3/1998 "But, best of all, they are definitely not the next Oasis."
Sunday Times It runs in the family

"He is probably set to become the first British pop star with a degree in Russian from Oxford University. "
long and very good article.

Melody Maker 25/4/1998
review of the gig at the Dingwall's, London
"With so many supernovas still spinning madly, don't fall into this black hole. Don't let this fungus grow over your youth. "
basically the nastiest review ever written about UT
Channel 4 teletext interview "Someone told us they were driving along listening to our album and they got lost, so that could be dangerous."
Sibling revelry   it is time for one of my favourite interview ploys - reading palms
BBC 1 teletext review of almost here At least they understood that Be Ready is a great song.
NME review of Higher Than Reason "it would seem The Unbelievable Truth have leapt straight from puberty to mid-life crisis before you can say "Crowded House"."
Vox Magazine review of almost here "'The Bends Part II' it certainly isn't; it's a gem, an album that moves you not with muscle but with a murmur. "
Couleur 3 15/08/1998
interview at la route du rock
(+ sound !)
"the best thing any band can do is play to their strength. And I think our strength is being emotional and minimalist. And I think we do that really well"
Spin Magazine review of Almost here "an album of reflective, melancholy vignettes full of hope as much as they are of heartbreak."
Record Collector review of Building "'99 should hopefully see a blinding second album, and the now obligatory world domination."

In French :

Les Inrockuptibles
small article (at the time of stone) "Unbelievable Truth estomaque par sa plénitude, l'incroyable opulence de ses arrangement"
Les Inrockuptibles
(court toujours)
review of stone "la mélancolie a ici la décence de ne jamais fréquenter le psychodrame"
Telerama review of the Black Session "le charme singulier de ce groupe britannique aux melodies vaporeuses"
Rockmixer review of Almost Here "(superbes) chœurs féminins"


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