Route du Rock, Saint-Malo (France) 15/8/1998

From : Ulen
Date : 16/8/1998
Suject : (UT) la Route du Rock

C'était très bien - le festival à St Malo le weekend!

Gomez just rocked; Catchers were an excellent stand in for Cornershop; but since I ought to keep to the ut theme - I won't mention that Colin somebody was seen among the crowd...

ut were just excellent. Equally one of the best gigs I've been to. The crowd was huge - much much bigger than OxStock, I ended up being pushed in three directions at the same time, and didn't stand a chance of getting to the front.

They played ten songs, but no encore :-(

forget about me
settle down
same mistakes
higher than reason
shed your skin
who's to know
finest little space

The volume of the music made it feel bigger, and had a stronger impact. The French bloke stood next to me turned to me with a wistful look in his eye when htr started and he said "All the songs!! They are just all so beautiful!!". The crowd were polite, cheering the band on and singing along to the singles, and were rewarded with snippets of French from the band including Nigel who raised a cheer (and some footy chanting) when he said how well France did in the World Cup...

Who's to know is still one of my favorite tracks, it vibrated right through me and just filled my mind in the way I haven't felt since I saw them at the Chelmsford 'Y' club when it got me hooked in the first place.

Hi to Sandrine (and friends!); Stu; Ruth & Faith (and Richard), and to David. Apologies to Nataly - there were simply too many people to have a hope of finding you!

Anyway, I'm off to my pit now to catch up on some very overdue sleep........................zzzzzzzzzzzz


From : Nataly
Date : 3/9/1998
Suject : (UT) La Route du Rock - Part 1 (and only...?)

Here my half review i wrote days ago now. I'm lazy and busy, so i prefer sending you this part for the moment, and if some of you are interested i will finished it.


Hello dear UTers,

Apparently some people appreciate my reviews and are waiting for this one.
I am very surprised and i thank you for your nice words :0)
But where are the others reviews? Ulen did one, but Stuart, Faith, Ruth, Sandrine, ...?
Well, here my review of La Route du Rock:

As we have a couple of friends living in britain, we (me, my bf, and 2 other friends) stay at their home for the week-end.
The weather was a bit grey in the middle of the day but was very sunny and warm when the time of the festival arrived.
We leave for the festival at 6pm, time of the opening of the door. We were not very far of the site but because of the traffic (and of some people who are always sure to be on the right way....) whe are at 7:30pm and as i didn't know the time of the UT show i was afraid to miss it.
The site was quite nice, in the middle of fields, and the weather was really beautiful. Strange how each time i see UT in an outside venue, the weather is always very beautiful ;0)
Compared to my last festival (Oxstock) there was a big crowd, and i realised that it would be hard to find people i have to meet.
We stood front of the big screen, near the fanzines stand.
I met Stuart again there. He is really really nice and funny. Thanks again for your kindness stuart :0)
We wait for the UT show wich was at 9:50pm.



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