Reims (France) 19/1/1999

Forget About Me
Settle down
Same mistakes
Who's To Know
Higher Than Reason
Shed your skin
Ciao my shining star

Finest Little Space
almost here

From : Stéphane Tailland
Date : 20/1/1999
Subject : (UT) Nigel unavailable last night

I'm just back from the gig in Rheims. The band played without Nigel who suffered stomach ache. However they decided to play not to disappoint their fans. The result was very good, we almost forgot that Nigel was not here. He was almost here indeed! Well that was an experimental gig though it sounded very much like the album. Andy seemed very pleased by the reaction of the audience.

From : sandrine (
Date : 22/1/1999
Suject : (UT) FRENCH TOUR !

REIMS 19/01/99: This day is incredibly cold! I'm freezing outside the venue and the band is not here yet.
Thanks to christelle (i hope she doesn't mind I mention her name) I entered the venue and watch the crew working during all the afternoon, and reading my book (in english called a question of integrity...good book) I was in the middle of a very good chapter when I first heard the voice of andy singing! I felt like if my place wasn't there! It was beautiful and i'm sure the boys won't agree with that! Nigel wasn't there and to see jason on drums was very funny! I thought that it was is shoulder again but at the beginning of the gig andy explained that Nigel was ill in an almost perfect french...yes Andy you speak very well! but I have to tell you that ppl were laughing not because Nigel was ill but because we don't pronounce the [k] at the end of "estomac". But i'm not a french teacher right so the gig was almost acoustic well without drums but it was powerfull!
setlist: FAM, Settle down, Stone, Same mistakes, Building, WTK, HTR, Landslide, Shed your skin, Ciao my shining star, solved, and FLS and almost here as encores...almost here was played by andy alone on stage with his guitar I can't find the words to express my feeling at this moment.
Jim did a great, great , great (ok i stop here) work!


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