"We're not gonna sue anybody. [...] And yeah, I think it's a good thing. Again, I remember being a fan, I've got a lot of R.E.M. bootlegs, bootlegs of lot of other bands. And it doesn't bother me. Beside, Internet is just another way of doing it. I think any kind of paranoia is a bit misplaced because any person who download a live version of "Landslide" or "Shed your skin" is gonna be a big enough fan so when it comes out properly recorded on a record they gonna buy it anyway. So I don't think you really lose anything by doing it. " (Nigel-Interview by Laurence Boisnard-international site)

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Title Date Song Size
(cause it's a pleasure to hear Nigel's voice)
??/2/1998 Forget About Me(RealAudio) Listen Download
Forget About Me (VQF)
739 ko
2.71 Mo
Rock over London 1998

interview [part1] (Real Audio) Listen Download
interview [part2] (Real Audio) Listen Download
interview [part3] (Real Audio) Listen Download
Same mistakes (Real Audio) Listen Download

66 ko
153 ko
112 ko
367 ko

BBC Radio 1
Mark Mulcahy+Nigel&Jason
(the -almost- original version of a song covered by UT in Paris on january 28th, 1999)
22/4/1998 Mayflower (Real Audio) Listen Download
Mayflower (VQF)

598 ko
2.19 Mo
Japanese version of Almost Here 1998 From this height (MP3) 3.78 Mo
La route du rock
(some comments about the World Cup, and then one of the most beautiful songs by UT)
15/8/1998 Shed Your Skin (Real audio) Listen Download
Shed Your Skin (VQF)
933 ko
3.44 Mo
Couleur 3 (interview at la route du rock)
(a very good interview on a swiss radio)
15/8/1998 Part 1 (Real Audio) Listen Download
Part 2 (Real Audio) Listen Download

715 ko
505 ko

KCRW 8/1998 Ciao my shining star (MP3)
Landslide (MP3)
3.49 Mo
2.92 Mo
Building (Shifty Disco Single)
(the first single : a demo version of Building and a Bside)

Building (Real Audio) Listen Download
Building (MP3)

Too many things to learn (Real Audio) Listen Download
Too many things to learn (MP3)

5.17 Mo
2.54 Mo

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